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VMware is one of the world’s most successful virtualization and digitization software companies with 20 years of experience.
Its wide range of products is available for your business as well.

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Learn about some of the VMware services:

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vSphere is a complete, multi-functional ecosystem, and one of its great advantages is that it not only transforms your company’s data centre into a single virtual infrastructure – which includes CPU, storage and network resources – but also provides a central interface to manage all these resources. In addition, vSphere is also suitable for creating professional private and public clouds, and more.

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The VMware family also includes Carbon Black, a predictive endpoint protection solution with complex AI support, Tanzu, which promotes the development of modern applications and infrastructures with business efficiency in mind, NSX, the network and security virtualization solution that is increasingly being added to VMware products, and Workspace ONE, which provides a cross-platform digital work environment.

If you choose us, then…

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…you choose a partner whose experts have been working with VMware since 2006.

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your team will be expanded with experts who have all the necessary qualifications (VCP, VSP, VTSP).

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… we are at your service 24 hours a day, if needed, every day of the year!

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…entrust your systems to a team that always has security in mind.

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…you can sit back and relax! With more than 1,000 server migrations behind us, we provide truly comprehensive, expert support.

Virtualisation from A to Z

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We will register your project, configure it to your needs, give an offer, carry out warranty administration and help you with everything related to commerce.

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After the procuration, the system is not ready yet, so we implement it 100%, including the installation, testing, while we also create a catastrophe site plan. What is more, you can count on us with the documentation and the audit too.

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We constantly monitor performance and processes, find and fix errors, and make updates as necessary after having run our own tests.

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Learn about the VMware product portfolio

Over the past 2 decades, VMware has developed several products to meet the functional requirements of the period:

VMware vSphere - VMware Tanzu

Creating cloud-native applications, evolving existing applications, running and managing Kubernetes across multiple cloud systems

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)

Multi-cloud – VMware Cloud Foundation

Migrating existing applications without rewriting, modernizing existing applications with containers, adding value by integrating new cloud services

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)

Virtual cloud network – VMware NSX

End-to-end network architecture that provides a secure, software-defined network layer, easier hybrid operation, and more comprehensive core security, policy consistency and automation

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)

Digital workspace – VMware Workspace ONE

Focus on user needs and flexibility, greater security, easier IT monitoring, agile remote workforce

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)


Our customers have said

Gábor Kakas, IT Manager

Lexholding Zrt.

“Besides their contracted operational tasks, they also bring design competence. As Andrews has highly qualified engineers, it's worth listening to what they say. And if they ask us a question, we have to find the answer, otherwise, it will be a problem.”

Lexholding Zrt. logó

István Molnár, System Administrator

Óbuda-Békásmegyer Mayor's Office of Budapest Capital District III

“Andrews' professionals are flexible and skilled enough to provide expert advice on any IT security issue, whether it's day-to-day operations or a more complex, strategic area. They are open to any enquiry, jumping right in and helping you find a solution. A relationship of trust built up over decades ensures that they represent the IT security interests of the Mayor's Office as if they were their own.”

Óbuda-Békásmegyer Mayor's Office of Budapest Capital District III logó

Bálint Török, IT Manager


“Andrews has proved to be a very good partner all along in developing a fully transparent, professional collaboration. In reviewing our IT security processes, it became apparent that they are able to think with the customer's head and all along they proposed pragmatic, sensible alternatives, not standard solutions.”

Nilfisk logó

Nándor Herman, IT expert

Magnet Faktor Zrt.

“Andrews is the guarantee that strangers are not roaming our IT systems. This gives me peace of mind, which is invaluable from an IT and personal point of view.”

Magnet Faktor Zrt. logó

Árpád Péter, IT Manager

Széchenyi Funds

“What I like about Andrews' professionals is that they speak both IT and business, so it's easy to understand each other. I was confident that the high level of professionalism and competitive pricing that I had seen in previous IT collaborations would be reflected in the Security Operations Center service, and I was not disappointed.”

Széchenyi Funds logó

Tábor Tamás, IT vezető


“The truth is that IT security engineers are very difficult to work with. They set up extremely strict rules that make day-to-day operations impossible, and they don't want to budge on them. At Andrews, we have seen that they are great partners in the development of the solution, not only in the development of strict IT security frameworks. And the result is priceless peace of mind regarding our customers' systems.”

Vision-Software logó

Case studies and professional
publications on the subject

Vision-Software logója
Tamás Tábor, IT Leader

Private IT security on a private cloud

Alongside the Vision-Software Group's private cloud-based enterprise management system for its own customers, Andrews' experts offer scalable private security that gives operators priceless peace of mind.
Széchenyi Funds logója
Árpád Péter, IT Manager

Sensitive financial information safe and secure

Széchenyi Funds has engaged the services of Andrews Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect its partners and its own sensitive financial data. In addition to protection, the financial investor benefits from transparent, security-designed processes, IT security technical tools and the knowledge of highly skilled IT professionals.
Magnet Faktor Zrt. logója
Nándor Herman, IT expert

Expert IT security guard to look after your IT systems

Entering the competitive factoring market, Magnet Faktor Zrt. has always been committed to protecting corporate data assets in a cost-effective and professionally uncompromising manner. Andrews' proprietary ALF firewall and associated support service acts as an expert IT security guard to protect data and prevent IT security incidents.
Lexholding Zrt. logója
Gábor Kakas, IT Manager

Knowledge transfer and expertise

IT partner serving SSC operation in a transparent manner.Our expertise and knowledge transfer at our most important, long-standing partner, Lexholding Zrt, where they were looking for a professional and transparent partner to support the IT operations of their subsidiaries.
Nilfisk logója
Bálint Török, IT Manager

Nonstop IT security for the nonstop multinational company

Danish premium cleaning specialist Nilfisk has entrusted Andrews Security Operations Center with the after-hours protection of its manufacturing processes and intellectual property.
Budapest Főváros III. Kerület Óbuda-Békásmegyeri Polgármesteri Hivatala logója
Molnár István, rendszergazda

From audit to full IT security

With a comprehensive IT audit, the Mayor's Office of Óbuda-Békásmegyer started its journey towards a consolidated and secure IT, in which Andrews' expertise has been a constant companion for decades.

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