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Intelligent and highly efficient data storage solutions

Data storage is always a cardinal issue. That’s why it’s important to store sensitive data in the best and safest place possible.
NetApp is the perfect solution for this.

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NetApp is one of the world’s leading storage manufacturers. It has long been among the best in terms of technology and innovation, as Gartner’s annual analysis shows.

Its portfolio includes solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and systems that meet the specific needs of enterprise environments.

If you choose us, then…

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…you choose a team with 15 years of NetApp experience.

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…you also choose a team of 5 consisting of NCDA, NCIE, and ONTAP specialists.

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…you also get full NetApp project support.

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…you can count on us 24 hours a day for both hardware- and software-related questions.

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…you no longer have to worry about the servicing of NetApps that are out of warranty either, since we undertake that as well.

You can entrust us with all of the following tasks

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We will register your project, configure it to your needs, give an offer, carry out warranty administration and help you with everything related to commerce.

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We provide full-service professional assistance. From surveying to installation and configuration, we carry out all related tasks. We operate your systems 24/7, if needed, and even assess and audit your existing NetApp devices that aren’t operated by us and recommend new solutions if necessary.

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Whether it is a device with a factory warranty or an expired warranty, we undertake the supply and servicing so that your company’s data is always fully secure – with delivery and installation within 4 hours on-demand.

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Learn about the NetApp product lines distributed by us!

NetApp has added several products to its portfolio in accordance with functional expectations and performance requirements:

FAS series

Using the FAS series running NetApp’s ONTAP operating system, block access (SAN) and file storage (NAS) needs can be served simultaneously.

NetApp’s new Hybrid-Flash storage system, designed for medium and large enterprise needs, offers industry-leading data management capabilities to easily meet today’s rapidly changing storage requirements, from traditional spinning disk to flash storage to cloud-based solutions.

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)

AFF series

Designed specifically for flash data carriers, AFF A-series all-flash storage is an industry leader in performance, capacity density, scalability, security and network availability.

The AFF A-series family makes the advantages of large enterprise flash storage available to small and medium-sized companies while fitting their budgets. It also serves block access (SAN) and file storage (NAS) needs at high speed.

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)


In addition to reliable performance, the E Series provides flexible and cost-effective backup and recovery to the cloud.

The E Series is specifically recommended for high bandwidth applications that require fast SAN storage with enterprise-class reliability. More than 1 million installed devices prove that the E series is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses that require data analytics, video surveillance or disk-based backup.

The manufacturer’s note – E2800 (pdf)

The manufacturer’s note – E5700 (pdf)


The EF Series is the perfect choice if you need high-performance SAN storage for real-time analysis, HPC, or database management. With its high IOPS performance, microsecond response time and incredible throughput, the EF Series is the standout product in its category.

When creating the EF series (flash version only), the goal was to create a storage solution that delivers outstanding performance and has a high storage data density but also meets all possible requirements of a modern data centre. A fully redundant infrastructure, automatic fail-over, advanced data protection features, extensive diagnostic capabilities, flexible scalability, and ease of use are all features of the EF Series.

The manufacturer’s note (pdf)


Our customers have said

Gábor Kakas, IT Manager

Lexholding Zrt.

“Besides their contracted operational tasks, they also bring design competence. As Andrews has highly qualified engineers, it's worth listening to what they say. And if they ask us a question, we have to find the answer, otherwise, it will be a problem.”

Lexholding Zrt. logó

István Molnár, System Administrator

Óbuda-Békásmegyer Mayor's Office of Budapest Capital District III

“Andrews' professionals are flexible and skilled enough to provide expert advice on any IT security issue, whether it's day-to-day operations or a more complex, strategic area. They are open to any enquiry, jumping right in and helping you find a solution. A relationship of trust built up over decades ensures that they represent the IT security interests of the Mayor's Office as if they were their own.”

Óbuda-Békásmegyer Mayor's Office of Budapest Capital District III logó

Bálint Török, IT Manager


“Andrews has proved to be a very good partner all along in developing a fully transparent, professional collaboration. In reviewing our IT security processes, it became apparent that they are able to think with the customer's head and all along they proposed pragmatic, sensible alternatives, not standard solutions.”

Nilfisk logó

Nándor Herman, IT expert

Magnet Faktor Zrt.

“Andrews is the guarantee that strangers are not roaming our IT systems. This gives me peace of mind, which is invaluable from an IT and personal point of view.”

Magnet Faktor Zrt. logó

Árpád Péter, IT Manager

Széchenyi Funds

“What I like about Andrews' professionals is that they speak both IT and business, so it's easy to understand each other. I was confident that the high level of professionalism and competitive pricing that I had seen in previous IT collaborations would be reflected in the Security Operations Center service, and I was not disappointed.”

Széchenyi Funds logó

Tábor Tamás, IT vezető


“The truth is that IT security engineers are very difficult to work with. They set up extremely strict rules that make day-to-day operations impossible, and they don't want to budge on them. At Andrews, we have seen that they are great partners in the development of the solution, not only in the development of strict IT security frameworks. And the result is priceless peace of mind regarding our customers' systems.”

Vision-Software logó

Case studies and professional
publications on the subject

Vision-Software logója
Tamás Tábor, IT Leader

Private IT security on a private cloud

Alongside the Vision-Software Group's private cloud-based enterprise management system for its own customers, Andrews' experts offer scalable private security that gives operators priceless peace of mind.
Széchenyi Funds logója
Árpád Péter, IT Manager

Sensitive financial information safe and secure

Széchenyi Funds has engaged the services of Andrews Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect its partners and its own sensitive financial data. In addition to protection, the financial investor benefits from transparent, security-designed processes, IT security technical tools and the knowledge of highly skilled IT professionals.
Magnet Faktor Zrt. logója
Nándor Herman, IT expert

Expert IT security guard to look after your IT systems

Entering the competitive factoring market, Magnet Faktor Zrt. has always been committed to protecting corporate data assets in a cost-effective and professionally uncompromising manner. Andrews' proprietary ALF firewall and associated support service acts as an expert IT security guard to protect data and prevent IT security incidents.
Lexholding Zrt. logója
Gábor Kakas, IT Manager

Knowledge transfer and expertise

IT partner serving SSC operation in a transparent manner.Our expertise and knowledge transfer at our most important, long-standing partner, Lexholding Zrt, where they were looking for a professional and transparent partner to support the IT operations of their subsidiaries.
Nilfisk logója
Bálint Török, IT Manager

Nonstop IT security for the nonstop multinational company

Danish premium cleaning specialist Nilfisk has entrusted Andrews Security Operations Center with the after-hours protection of its manufacturing processes and intellectual property.
Budapest Főváros III. Kerület Óbuda-Békásmegyeri Polgármesteri Hivatala logója
Molnár István, rendszergazda

From audit to full IT security

With a comprehensive IT audit, the Mayor's Office of Óbuda-Békásmegyer started its journey towards a consolidated and secure IT, in which Andrews' expertise has been a constant companion for decades.

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