Our company has been dealing with virtualisation since 2006. During the years we participated as consultants respectively executors in several integration projects and system audits due to which we obtained significant and specific experience and know-how.

What is virtualisation?

In summary we can talk about virtualisation if there are several (virtual) systems operating on one hardware, in the independent operation system running in virtual machines.

Why is virtualisation good?

The capacity of the currently available server hardware tools often exceeds the resource need of the system installed onto the hardware. Not considering the special target systems almost on every system there is some unused capacity, but it may happen even in case of the target systems that the big load occurs temporarily only, and in the remaining time the tool’s capacity is not used.

The virtualisation aims at these free capacities. The earlier “one system, one hardware” model these systems are contracted into a strong hardware, and the resources of this tool are distributed in the form of virtual machines among the systems, in this way establishing an optimally exploited and cost-effective solution.

One of the additional benefits of contracting through virtualisation is that the virtual hardware assures a certain standard hardware platform for the operators, sparing them of the compatibility, updating and failure problems that occur during the hardware upgrade.

Additional benefits of virtualisation

  • Decreasing number of hardware items
    • Decrease of maintenance cost,
    • Decreasing electricity cost,
    • Lower cooling need,
    • Smaller need for space (decreasing rental expenses).
  • Uniform virtual hardware platform
  • Assuring efficient resource management
  • Flexible scalability
  • Smaller HR need
  • Higher availability

In many cases these benefits are sufficient for the economic justification of switching to the virtual solution.

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Technical/dealer’s presentations

If required we can give technical, dealer’s or mixed presentations for the future or existing clients, respectively for anybody who is interested in the VMware virtualisation world. Currently our most popular presentations: vSphere + SRM (disaster site) demo, VIEW demo.

Surveying the need and system

We perform a meticulously elaborated survey of needs so that our client gets a proposition for the solution he needs and intends to realise. During the survey we reveal the real possibilities, help in finding the most suitable solution and as accordingly we prepare our proposition. Only the well-planned system can be a good base for the start.


There is a system plan being formed from the surveyed needs. Based on the plan – with accurate timing – the integration gets started during which we keep an eye on the accuracy and the needs that occur during the process. We try to make sure the construction of the system causes the least possible loss of operation. If the client opts for the implementation accompanied by a training course, then at the end of the process he does not receive a black box but a transparent and tailor-made system known and considered useful by him.

Training, courses

Our company is organising training courses with specific and proven topics in the vSphere, VIEW and storage areas. We also provide advanced and practical vSphere courses as required during which the companies may get submerged in the error finding and troubleshooting and restoring areas.

Operation, maintenance

Our team is at your disposal 7×24. We are supervising continuously the systems implemented by us, we are upgrading them with the previously proven patches, and we solve the eventual problems with short reaction time and immediate intervention.

Quality assurance

On the test systems sustained for our clients we keep testing the issued factory upgrades, we analyse the changes and errors occurring during the test, and we perform the upgrading only if we consider it safe. With our support you can’t have bad surprises.

Supervision, control

The monitoring of the virtual running environment is as important as the supervision of the systems running on it. With our ESX monitoring application developed by us we can perceive disorders for which there are no manufacturer’s notifications yet and we can prevent the failure in time, but we can provide quick intervention even in case of the memory freeze caused by a disc getting simply full or leaking.


We are mapping the obsolete virtual environments that are not maintained, we supply ideas for the correction of the revealed problems and their scheduling, and of required we can also put the environment in order. The virtual environments that are not supervised, sooner or later get into this situation, it is recommendable to opt for the operation. The shorter time the system was left alone, the less task the actualisation and modernisation is. During the audit we pay much attention to the checking of the safe structure, from the perspective of the network and software.