Provided network security

Within our services we supervise, operate / support developed and error-bearing / high availability solutions in the following areas: network route selection, firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN, load distribution.

Full-scope safety solution at network level, that can be modified flexibly. Need for investing in assets and licence, and without sustaining an inner expert / supporting resource.

With or service it is possible to avoid the cost and burden of building and implementing the network border protection system.

Benefits of our service:

  • The required hardware and software environment is available immediately, when selecting them we free you of several obstacles by using our 10-year experience!
  • You can immediately use a professional, high availability (supported even in 7×24 hours) system without training periods.
  • According to your needs you can choose from the used services, capacities and resources. Our solution can be scaled in any direction.

Selectable elements of our service:

Network border protection / firewall solutions

ALF and netfilter- / iptables-based firewall solutions.

There is more about our solution in the Products menu.

Encrypted private network / VPN solutions

IPSEC- and SSL-based VPN solutions, with PSK-, certificate- and token-based authentication.

It is suitable for the protection of the traffic of sites and mobile tools.

Intrusion-detecting and preventing / IDS-IPS solutions

Our sample-based, centrally maintained data and know-how base using tools, that detect (and if required: eliminate) the dangerous network activity, are based on the Snort open-source solution.

Safe corporate mailing solutions

Robust mailing and team-work system.

Spam- and virus filtering, special analysis, modification or removal of attachments – as required. Adding the mandatory accompanying text / digital signature with the open-source code tools.

Supervision / monitoring (status checking)

Our Nagios-based supervision system is measuring and analysing the outer and inner features of the checked systems – through regular sampling. By using the obtained values the supervisory system can generate availability reports, notifications respectively alarms and the alarms are forwarded in various (SMS, SNMP trap, e-mail, etc.) forms to the specific addressees. With our supervision system a significant part of the failures can be forecast – they can be eliminated – and there is an immediate notification about the inevitable failures, in this way their elimination can start immediately. It is also suitable for the measurement of the availability and utilisation data of the rented services.

Checking the log entries / log analysis solutions

In the corporate environment it is expected from the systems to log at the proper level and in the proper form, but the more systems, the more applications, and the more applications, the more versions and log formats. Their human monitoring and processing is almost an impossible task, and it is absolutely impossible without a centralised log collection and processing. Our logalyze-based log collecting and processing system is summarising the analysed log entries in a centralised form, through an easily manageable platform – in the form of occasional or regular reports.

The above elements can be combined in any combination and they can be varied during their use.

Steps of using the service:

Discussing the needs, establishing the network security policy

We can create a system that is suitable for our clients if we accurately know their needs – expectations in connection with their systems. The same happens in case of the network security solutions, too. It is important to define the environment of the security system in advance, its expected operation – the availability parameters, the expectable load, its enlarging possibilities, etc. This is set and clarified in the survey of needs – if required we recommend changes based on the professional criteria.

Proposition phase

We are looking for the solution that corresponds to the revealed needs, we draft the possible alternatives, we show their benefits and disadvantages – their time and resource needs and we make a proposition for these alternative systems.

Technical preparation

Based on the accepted proposition we establish the required environment, we perform and check the required settings. We are convinced that the established system is free of failures.


We deliver the finished system to the point of utilisation and perform the tasks required for the implementation. We are checking the functioning of the system.


We provide ongoing supervision (that corresponds to the order) of the systems supported by us. We transfer our modifications and upgrades to the clients’ systems after the checking in the quality assurance system.