Power Portalling

Do you need a high-performance– continuously functioning, dynamically scalable and robust web portal?

A version that provides reliable background for your business objectives?

Would you like to focus on the contents instead of the technical issues?

Use our Power Portalling services where we assure full-scope portal solutions for your needs!

Within our service we survey your needs, we plan and create and in case of an existing system we review and migrate and operate your web-portal system in the Cloud infrastructure, that ahs a GEO redundant structure, and due to its redundant internet access having a service-provider independent address range it assures high availability. During the designing we pay much attention to the prepared system’s operational and information security and to the realisation of the modular structure, the assurance of the flexible enlarging.

Parts of service:

Virtual network and hardware management, supervision

The designing, supervision of the virtual environment (hardware and software elements) required for providing the service. If required we can also modify it flexibly (enlargement, reduction), the quick handling of the incurring needs and errors. Optimisation of the existing hardware environment in order to assure the required output and planned reserves.

Assurance of firewall and load-distribution capacities, handling the overstress attacks

The network border protection of the portal system, with a network separation of proper level, by applying quantitative and contextual filtering rules, and with status-preserving package filtering and firewalls at application level. Effective protection in cooperation with the service providers that assure the Internet access – for handling the stress attacks within the real limits.

Running and fine-tuning the base system

Carrying out the administration tasks occurring during the operation of the Linux, Unix and Microsoft systems (upgrading, supporting the version changes, carrying out the required settings, etc.), security strengthening, low level harmonisation of the operation system (network subsystem, CPU and DISK I/O schedulers, sub-systems) in order to assure the required output.

Supervision and operation of the database and the LDAP sub-system

Supervision and operation of Mysql, PostgresSQL, Oracle or MSSQL database managers as well as LDAP servers, database designing, optimisation consulting, replica management, multi-master establishing.

Running and fine-tuning the web-server application

Preparing and operation of the Apache, Lighttpd and Tomcat web-servers in a high-availability environment, harmonisation of the settings for achieving the required output, assuring the required competences (cgi, servlets, etc.).

Assurance of the programming support on the server side

In the system prepared by us the JAVA, Perl, PHP and Ruby languages are supported (if required further languages can be involved), with which an arbitrary dynamic content can be produced in the serving environment.

Fine-tuning and operation of the web-boosting subsystem

With the Squid, Lighttpd, Redis and Memcached subsystems we increase enormously the capacity of the systems that serve the dynamic web contents, reducing their unjustified load, in this way increasing their maximum capacity.

Preservation of the incurred log and traffic data, processing, incident handling

Realisation of the centralised and local log collection, if required – with the Logalyze or other log-analysing system: processing of the logs and traffic data. Report making as required.

Assuring the safe remote access for the editors and content responsible personnel

Assuring encrypted and authenticated VPN access for the content responsible personnel connected with the strong identification (certificate, S-Key and/or Cryptocard utilisation), from the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Optimisation ideas for making the clients’ own codes more effective and safe

Saving and archiving the data stored in the portal system

Assuring the full-scope automated – if required: to a remote site and / or geo redundant – saving and archiving solutions, by assuring the restoring environment.

Full-scope checking at application level

Ongoing checking of the operability of the operated environment, extended for each system element, beginning from the network and ending with the applications beyond.

Assuring a geo-redundant, service providing Internet access

In the service-provider independent address domain we provide the clients with the Internet access which takes place with the BGP routing protocol, through several Internet service providers, in this way our service is available even in case of a failure of a given service provider. Our service providing system is located in Győr and Budapest, in this way guaranteeing the benefits deriving from the proper geographical distance.

Providing the full-value test and quality assurance environment

Assuring the test and quality assurance environments that are identical with the environment that serves the live traffic – if required even in regards of capacity – completed with the snapshot and cloning competences supplied by the virtualisation.