IT solution management

The IT solution management is a complex activity. It means an expert project management where we are building a bridge between the professional level and the managerial level. In addition we are able to prepare the decisions of both sides, supporting in such a way that finally both parties obtain acceptable, executable and real solutions for the given problems.

During the activity:

We reveal: we get to know the technical functioning environment, the inner structure of the organisation up to the required level, we analyse the available information and error reports.
We specify: we determine – delimit– the scope of the concerned systems and organisations, the technical and human characteristics of the problem, the connections with the organisation’s other activity areas.
We design solutions: we define ideas (feasibility plan, consulting), we perform solution-oriented analysis of the problem defined during the specification), we give ideas for solving the problem by taking into consideration the client’s cost and professional needs (presenting the benefits / disadvantages of the possible solution of the problem). We specify the solution idea at the level and with the details that correspond to the client’s needs.
We support realisation or make it come true: depending on the client’s needs we carry out (and/or have it carried out) the approved solution plan (project management, quality assurance, reports, escalation if required, etc.).

For what situations and problems does our service serve solutions?

In case of professional and organisational problems between (or beyond) the organisation- and area-related units when due to the size of the organisation – professional distances – and erroneous partitioning there is no organisational unit where the required capacity to see everything and the required professional and coordination competences are available.

When the joint language is missing: when there are communication problems between the managing / executing – management / expert’s areas. When the management sees obstacles in the professional issues and/or the experts are not able to see the connections of the tasks and problems – at project level.

When there is need for comprehensive professional and management approach is required for solving the project or the task.

When the available know-how and experience is not sufficient for successfully solving the project.

Our experts got vast experience in the complex projects, they have special competences that are able to bridge the gap between the business area and the IT-operation. The basis of our activity consists of the organising ability that is based on technology. We believe in independence. We expect our experts to effectively organise their tasks and manage their problems.

Reference projects

Our client’s computer network was established from the merger of three big companies where more than 10,000 users, several hundreds of servers and specific systems were migrated, into a uniform network environment. When being involved into the project the migration was not moving at all, the outline of the new uniform solution could not be recognised either. The unit responsible for the technical migration of the domain blamed the firewall group, saying that they hinder their work. The firewall brigade thinks everything is all right on their side, the error might be somewhere in the network1s subsystem, and the network operation did not understand what they have got to do with a problem of such a high level. Instead of the actual progress they were looking for the people “to blame” but every area declared they do not have errors and they could not perform their work any better. The actual migration of the users and the domain environment seemed to be an impossible objective.

After the required interviews and analyses the technological problems were revealed and there were recommendations for their elimination. Through the analysis of the network traffic and the firewall logs we prepared the list of the concerned systems for the migration and harmonisation of the users’ authorisation rights – we developed a web- and database-based target application with which the people bumping into the problems could themselves solves the problems. In the remaining part of the project we mediated between the concerned areas, we harmonised their work, we assured the efficient cooperation between them. We prepared executive summaries and reports, we made sure the business objectives are realised, we processed the problems received from the professional areas and escalated them toward the management.

Within the firewall solution we migrated the national network consisting of 21 sites to our ALF firewall solution. Since with the migration we solved a lot of earlier problems – as an additional output – our client asked us to help in solving the problem. There was a salary system where almost 50,000 people’s salary issues were being dealt with, respectively would have been being dealt with if there hadn’t been regular problems with the system. The running of the accounts took several days, and if there was an error the process had to be restarted.

During the situation analysis the experts revealed the characteristics of the network infrastructure, the hardware and operation system features of the applied service providers, they reviewed the technological possibilities applied for the development of the salary system, respectively they analysed the structure of the specific application, then – broken down to the concerned areas – elaborated solution ideas. In this way pour client managed to obtain significant acceleration and the decrease of the interruption of processing even without the restructuring of the application and without involving further hardware. Our ideas related to the redesigning of the application and the partial restructuring were not realised so far, but this was beyond our role…

During the multi-year operation of a new organisation that was established after the merging of several organisations (having different organisational and IT culture) the client realised there is a problem, namely he is applying three VPN (encrypted private network) solutions that correspond to different know-hows and requirements and the intentions to uniform them failed. Our task consisted of elaborating the uniform – all need – VPN solution, till supporting the transfer from the existing tools to the new solution. In the beginning we determined the causes of the failed earlier migrations: lack of the real and full-scope needs, conflict of interests between the inner operation teams.

By considering the business objectives we surveyed the required competences and features, analysed them and had some ideas in connection of which available tools were suitable to serve the new system of requirements, then elaborated the migration plan, which contained the required preparatory steps, the support of the transfer and all the required activity for realising the consolidation.