Security review of the network

Due to the country’s IT development the inner network of several companies developed by choosing the evolutionary way. If the network was not designed or the needs changed in the meantime, then it happens frequently that in the inner networks it is impossible to properly assure the good separation of the systems of various security levels, and the access regulation that corresponds to the needs. Our company has vast experience in the area of designing and preparing the outer and inner network protection system. After building the network and surveying the required security levels we can give ideas for the modification of the network, or the modification or establishment of the outer and inner protection system. If there is a special need (there is need for a connection between the sites for accelerating the inner communication) then we survey the possibilities and find the optimal solution.

Review of the servers and firewalls

When constructing the many installed systems we gained huge practical experience. If required our experts reveal the possible points of attacks and operational-security deficiencies on the servers and defence systems. If required we give ideas for the possible repair or we can even deal with the deficiencies.

Security audit of software items

The security of a program system depends highly on its design concepts, the expertise of the developers and the accuracy of the functional and security tests that follow the development. In many cases a part of these does not get sufficient attention, in this way the system does not comply from security or operational-security perspective with the user’s needs. Our developers are able to investigate at the proper depth the source-code of the software of individual development or with open source-code, increasing its security greatly.

The subsequent functional and security testing of the system is also revealing the eventual deficiencies with a rather good reliability. However it is worth clarifying in advance: if the program contains conceptual deficiencies then the full security can be provided by the redesigning and redevelopment of the software. Usually the significant part of the occurring errors can be solved, we can give ideas if required, or we perform the necessary modifications.