The Zimbra is a mailing and group-work supporting solution from the VMware. The browser-based platform provides platform-independent access for the users to have access to the letters, calendars and tasks. Due to the virtualisation technologies provided by the VMware it is a robust, scalable server in enterprise environment, too.



  • full-cope solution for mailing, calendar, address-list and task management
  • shareable file access
  • besides the browser there are various protocols for using the functions
  • simple, efficient browser-based administration
  • Microsoft Outlook compatibility
  • Use of mobile tools
  • Can be installed even as appliances
  • Can be tailor-made with one’s own extensions
  • S/MIME classifying
  • The open source version is available, too, that makes the product accessible for small companies, too.

The Andrews Kft. has recently performed several successful installations and migrations. These took place with the consideration of the already known network security criteria.


Message handling and group work in the after-PC era


  • The users can reach their personal cloud through an account that integrates the e-mail and sound messages, the tasks, the address list, the calendar, the files and other corporate applications
  • It can be installed in a private cloud as a virtual appliance or in a public cloud
  • Built-in phone number recognition for initiating the one-click phonecall, visual voicemail, chat
  • automatic synchronisation with which one can use it anywhere and from any smart phone or tool
  • with the Zimbra Desktop or other client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) it is possible to perform online and offline work
  • compared to the similar traditional platforms it can be operated with less cost (TCO)
Developed, integrated web experience


  • innovative robust browser-based platform improved recently
  • new dedicated search tag with frequent and easily to tailor-make filters
  • simple sending and receiving authenticated and encrypted email messages
  • efficient document management, possibility of sharing the documents and folders immediately
  • offering the optimum date for scheduling the meetings, cooperation with the Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010
  • integration of external applications and web services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Socialcast) respectively corporate applications (Oracle, SAP)
Flexible installation possibilities, virtualisation
  • it can be installed onto operation system that is running on hardware, natively or in a virtual environment, respectively in appliance format, locally or as cloud service at a VMware service providing partner
  • full-cope support of multi-tenancy realisation and delegated administration for the service providers
  • administration that can be set for every user account and can be delegated according to the role for creating domains or restricted administration settings
  • high availability provided by the VMware vSphere, restoring and saving
  • Smartcard and Common Access Card authentication
Integrated uniformed communication


  • The built-in Cisco- and Mitel-integration helps in recognising the phone number for initiating the one-click phonecall, visual sound message, call memory, immediate message sending
  • With the Zimbra SDKS it can be enlarged with other uniformed communication solutions
Supporting the mobile tools


  • synchronisation with iOS- (iPhone, iPad), Windows- and Android–based smart phones and tablets
  • even the BlackBerry smart phones can be used with the Zimbra with the Zimbra Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
  • safety settings, deletion of remote tool, PIN-code management for every user account
  • the Zimbra e-mail, name list, calendar and file manager provides rich browser-based experience on any xHTML-supporting tool
Zimbra Desktop and other clients


  • the free-of-charge Zimbra Desktop email-client provides the same experience in case of an offline work even in the Windows, Mac and Linux desk environment
  • it is possible to manage the Gmail-, Yahoo! Mail-, AOL-, Hotmail- and other POP/IMAP accounts, to synchronize the Gmail and Yahoo! address list and calendar
  • full-scope MAPI synchronisation for the Outlook 2003/2007/2010, offline access and S/MIME support
Simple administration


  • the simplified, task-oriented AJAX Web Administration Console enables the administration from anywhere
  • integrated mail and virus filtering, address-list services (LDAP, Active Directory)
  • real-time post account safety saving and restoring, native hierarchical storage management (HSM)
  • end-user functions, quotas, storage place setting management with the Class of Service (CoS)
  • quick and easy migration from the Microsoft Exchange and Domino environment with the relocation wizard

More information about the services here.