The NetApp is one of the world’s leading storage manufacturer. In the technological and innovation area it has been among the best for long as the Gartner’s annual reports show it, too. Its portfolio includes the solutions meant for the SMEs and the systems that meet the special needs of the big company environment. The elements of the NetApp portfolio are characterised by the uniformity that is rare at other manufacturers. From the smallest system to the biggest the users encounter the same functionality, quality, reliability and platform which is easing the system use. Due to the clear enlargement principles and possibilities there is a well-usable and profitable system on the long run when opting for the NetApp tools.


The hardware of the NetApp assures the optimal choices for every need and utilisation area. Due to its uniform hardware portfolio the software functions are available on each tool, in this way the hardware selection is about the performance issues – without the compromises.

Product portfolio

The NetApp storing hardware products can be grouped based on three control lines, besides these the storing-virtualisation products (V-series) can also be accessed. The disc-based capacity can be purchased with shelf types of various dimensions and connections. Since every NetApp storing tool has the multiprotocol (SAN/NAS) capacity, their adjustment can be configured flexibly with enlargement cards and licences.

FAS2000 series: FAS2020 and FAS2040 (even up to 136 TB) – withdrawn from the market

The storing tools with this entry level are ideal with their inner capacity and the outstanding price-value ratio for the SME environment and for the distant sites of the big companies while the entire NetApp software functionality can be accessed for them. Downloadable PDF form…

FAS2200 series: FAS2220 and FAS2240 (even up to 552 TB)

This series took over the position of the FAS2000 that was withdrawn from the market. This new strong and flexible storing tool is ideal for SMEs or even for big companies that have broken-down environments. Downloadable PDF form…

FAS3100 series: FAS3140, FAS3160 and FAS3170 (even up to 1680 TB) – running-out product family

Mid-category series that provides uniform platform for managing the huge quantity of diversified data. Downloadable PDF form…

FAS3200 series: FAS3210, FAS3240 and FAS3270 (even up to 1920 TB)

The best mid-category value and efficiency: recommended for variable, flexible and virtualised IT-environments. Is a suitable choice for the mid-company consolidation and the bigger data centres. They can be enlarged with special supplements such as the MetroCluster cluster system with continuous operation respectively the FlashCache boosting hot keys. Downloadable PDF form…

FAS6200 series: FAS6210, FAS6240 and FAS6280 (even up to 2880 TB)

It is recommended for the virtualised or cloud environment having the biggest performance and capacity need and varying permanently where it has to meet the big company’s expectations. Downloadable PDF form…

V3200/V6200 series: for the virtualisation of another manufacturer’s storing capacity

By using the V-series controls almost all the NetApp storing, efficiency and software functions can be extended to an existing storing capacity purchased from another manufacturer. From another perspective they are identical with the normal FAS controls, in this way they can be enlarged with their own shelves. Downloadable PDF form…

NetApp enlarging disc shelves (DS14, DS4243, DS2246)

With SAS or FC connection; SAS, FC or SATA disc or SSD. Downloadable PDF form…

  • DS14: with FC connection, with 3U high, FC or SATA discs
  • DS4243: with SAS connection, with 4U high, 24 disc space, SAS, SATA or SSD drives
  • DS2246: with SAS connection, with 2U high, 24 disc space, SAS discs


The NetApp’s software portfolio is based on the uniform DataONTAP platform, its storing tools are capable for the multiprotocol connection, respectively they provide integrated data protection solutions. In the wide palette of the central supervisory tools every IT organisation can find the suitable options.

Product portfolio

The software functions are available on each platform, although the licensing (packaging) may differ for every control series. The licensing information can be requested from our colleague under the e-mail address.

Platform OS – Data ONTAP

The DataONTAP is running on the storing control of every NetApp which provides capacities in the basic free-of-charge functionality, such as the deduplication or the flexible storing place allocation:

  • RAID-DP®: own RAID-6 implementation that protects against the simultaneous loss of two discs, it is rather useful during the block reconstruction.
  • WAFL file system: it is dividing efficiently the data going to be written onto the disc, it works with special efficiency.
  • NetApp Snapshot™: Snapshop, status recording without loss of output, even in 255 parallel exemplars.
  • Thin Provisioning + Storage Pooling: the free storing area can be divided, it can be over-allocated and contracted (FlexVol).
  • Workload Prioritization: guaranteed I/O priorities can be assigned to systems with different loads (FlexShare).
  • Deduplication: the most efficient memory saving that eliminates the repetitions at block even for live primary systems!
  • Disk mirroring: mirroring of entire disc-shelves among the controllers (SyncMirror) – it provides additional protection beyond the RAID DP protection at block level.
Access protocols (SAN/NAS)

Due to the real uniform storing architecture the NetApp storing tools have multiprotocol capacities:

Data protection software

The NetApp storing tools are differentiated from the competitors mostly by the Snapshot-based integrated data-protection capacities:

  • SnapRestore: instant Snapshot-restoring without copying
  • SnapMirror: synchronous or asynchronous mirroring to another NetApp storing tool, through IP or FC connection
  • SnapVault and OSSV: disc-based data saving from heterogeneous or NetApp data source
  • SnapProtect: the extension of the disc-based saving with central catalogue, with band saving
  • SnapDrive for Windows and SnapDrive for UNIX: the SnapShot control from Windows, Linux and UNIX servers consistently
  • SnapManager: application integrated consistent SnapShot control
  • FlexClone: recordable, separable Snapshot copies for testing, development
  • SnapLock: long-term write-protected archiving
Supervision and management software

Within the OnCommand product family the following software items are available free of charge: