Physical and psych. modelling of the individual development

Regarding the cooperation between the Andrews Kft. and the MFI Zrt. the „The physical and psychological modelling of individual development for creating game engines” R&D project came to an end. As a result there is the system that takes into consideration the individual’s physical and psychological factors which – based on the effects exerted on the individual – is modelling its capacity-related changes. The development took place within the GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0456 project, with an EU grant of HUF 143.81 million.

The model which may serve primarily as the base for software aimed at computer games, enables the analysis of the reactions given to the changes occurring in the individual’s physical and psychological condition.

The established complex system goes beyond the solutions used in the current games. One of the major points of the model established by us is that it investigates the individual’s capacities in connection with the effects exerted on each other instead of as separate features. The model includes a rather detailed character sheet where all the effects exerted onto the individual, the objects that can be used by the individual and the individual’s psychological values were also specified. As the result of the development it is possible based on the obtained data to analyse the effect of the variables on all the traits of the individual.

We determined the features stored in the character board based on a fictitious fantasy world, in this way there are some abstract elements, such as: manna, soul. When establishing the model we tried we tried to correspond to the earthly world’s proportions, however we give the possibility to change the model in full, so that it can be applied for more games.