About our company in a nutshell

Our company was established in the middle of 1999 to develop the ALF firewall. Security and reliability were the the two most important goals in the development of the services and systems of the company from the beginning. Our company mainly uses Unix (primarily Linux) systems, we deal with the planning, installation, and maintenance of these. During our operation we learned, applied then integrated in our portfolio the virtualisation, too. Since 2006 we have been cooperating as the VMware Enterprise Partner with audit, training, consulting and operation in this area.

We put serious emphasis on the continuous improvement of the skills of our developer, system administrator and expert team, therefore our employees participate in professional trainings on a regular basis. The number of engineers employed is continuously increasing, with minimal fluctuation. Our employees continuously monitor the systems they planned and installed, therefore their operation is smooth. Thanks to the security, remote administration and supplementary technologies we have developed, we operate several hundred systems. The great experience of our engineers is a guarantee of flawless operation of the systems, and the very quick resolution of problems that may incidentally occur.

Company profile

Our company’s operation area consists primarily of designing, developing, operating and auditing security and supplying respectively virtual systems, distribution of virtualisation tools. Detailed information can be found under the Solutions menu.

Our business philosophy

Here’s a nice little story as an introduction:

A very elegant businessman rings at the door of a piano teacher.

BM: Good morning. I’d like to learn to play the piano.

PT: Good morning. Come in. Have you ever learnt to play the piano before?

BM: No, I haven’t, but I already know that the black piano keys are louder. Next Tuesday is my wife’s birthday and I want to learn to play the Fifth Symphony by Beethoven on the the piano.

PT: Well, it’s impossible! And the black piano keys are not louder, but…

BM: I’m very rich, there is no ,,impossible” for me. How much do you charge for a lesson?

PT: 10 000 forints, but please do understand that your wish cannot…

BM: Don’t tell me what is possible! I’ll pay 20 000 for a lesson.

PT: I’m sorry. By next week, you may able to learn “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, but…

BM: You didn’t understand me. Well, that’s fine. I’ll pay you 50 000 for a lesson.

PT: It’s impossible to do it! And the black piano keys are not…

BM: You’re bargaining well! Let’s make it 100 000 forints for a lesson!

PT: Now, that makes things different. Let’s start! The black piano keys are louder…

This short story illustrates well the approach of many companies to their clients. If the clients pay enough, the companies undertake even things which are completely unreasonable. Our company primarily focuses on the security of the clients. If the client asks for something that is impossible to carry out or unreasonable in security aspects, we find possible alternatives, but for us the black piano keys are never louder.

Our clients can expect correct, predictable behaviour. We don’t make promises that we cannot keep, but what we promise, we carry out precisely on all occasions.